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Rabbi Friedman – The Soul and the Afterlife: Where Do We Go From Here?


  How a people view the afterlife says much about how they view themselves, their role in a religious universe, their relationship with G-d, and how they view their Earthly life. In this video, Rabbi Friedman explores and explains the Jewish belief in the afterlife. Rabbi Friedman is a renown Jewish Rabbi, inspirational speaker,  and…
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Add Meaning to Your Life

Including Jewish Wisdom and the mitzvahs in your life can, and will, add meaning to your life. It will enrich your life as a Jew. But, you may ask, what role can ancient wisdom play in your life as a modern person, a modern Jew? Plenty, that’s the great thing about wisdom; the words my…
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Maybe I’ll Never Get Married

Banish that thought from your head, right now! Rest assured that the other half of your soul is out there. G-d originally created Adam and Chava as one body. Their subsequent separation was only for the purpose of their eventual reunification. So too, everyone has their other half waiting for them. This is why we must…
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Is There Really a Shidduch Crisis?

creation 8

I often hear single people not only complain about being single, but also about the fact that many of their friends can’t seem to get married as well. I can’t get married and she can’t get married and she can’t get married. There must be a crisis! Before we address this subject, I think it is relevant to mention…
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How to Daven for Your Shidduch


Many women have complained to me: “I don’t know why G-d doesn’t answer me! I keep praying and pleading and crying to meet a guy and nothing happens.” Oh really, G-d doesn’t answer? Do you mean to tell me that you have never met a guy before?   We need to be more careful with…
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Never ask ‘why?’

Dont ask WHY

The One Question You Should Never Ask in a Marriage If I had to write a book about marriage, it would be a very short one. It would consist of a single sentence: Never ask ‘why.’   Why Can’t I say Why? ‘Why’ can be very offensive. This one word can destroy everything you strive…
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Do Matchmakers make matches?


Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make me a Match…Do We Still Need the “Shadchan”? Most observant Jews use a matchmaker – or a shadchan – to find a spouse. This traditional method of dating has been the primary way Jews have searched for a marriage partner since the times of the Torah. But in recent years, many have…
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A Brief Chanukah Thought


For eight nights in a row, we light the Chanukah candles. Each of the eight candles we light has a thought behind it. A story to tell. But there is one candle in particular – the ninth candle known as the shamesh – which we use to bring light to the others. The shamesh has…
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Shanah Tovah! Let Us Welcome 5776!

Pomegranate, apples and honey

Over the past few hours, and upcoming days, as we travel down our Jewish paths, we will wave goodbye to 5775 in our rear view mirrors and say hello to 5776 as it stretches out in front of us. Each of us have a different path to follow, and we prepare in different ways, but…
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Adar – The Month of Joy

Adar Idea

The month of Joy is upon us. What are you happy about? What are you celebrating? The Purim miracle is hidden in a story of nature. Your miracles are hidden in the “natural” ebb and flow of your life. Are you looking to be truly joyous this month of Adar? Take a second look at…
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Why get married

Why get

Why Get Married? The problem and confusion today is that people think you get married for “this” or “that.” They really believe that the only reason to get married is for some “this” and for some “that.” A little love, a little friendship – no! Marriage is bigger than that. So if we get this…
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Jewishly Proud

Jewishly proud

After 2,000 years of anti-Semitism, discrimination and persecution, we have suffered our share of abuse. How can we heal? The greatest casualty of abuse is pride and self-worth. And we struggle with that, as a People. Like the old joke about two Jews facing the firing squad, and as commands are shouted out, “Ready, aim..”…
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Getting Closer

getting closer

Getting closer to someone is risky business. In particular, there are two pitfalls to look out for. Does the other party want you any closer? If the answer is no, and you try anyway, you’re not a friend, you’re not getting closer, and you’re probably headed for criminal charges. Is there anywhere closer to get?…
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Q&A: Omniscience

QA Omniscience

CBC asked: “G d is the knower, the object of knowledge, and the knowledge itself. So He knows all, past , future, present. He can’t help but know. And yet we have some limited degree of free will. And yet because He is the knower, of course He knows what we will choose. And we…
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What Do We Know About Creation? – – Part VI

creation VI

Purpose? To make a dwelling place for G-d in the lowest world (that’s our world) is the reason for which He created the universe. A dwelling place means a place where you can be yourself, let your hair down. The first requirement for a divine home is to accept G-d as He is: infinite or…
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What Do We Know About Creation? – – Part V

creation 9

Continuing on last week’s thoughts…   I recall a particular afternoon some years ago, in the early 1960s, when thirty Jewish scientists from various Eastern universities attended one of the Rebbe’s Shabbat afternoon gatherings (called farbrengens.) The scientists sat among the Chassidim and listened while the Rebbe spoke in Yiddish, which they did’nt understand. During the…
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What Do We Know About Creation? – – Part IV

creation 8

I addressed a non-Jewish audience on this very subject – “Creationism” or “Intelligent Design.”  Here’s some of how I presented it to them:   He alone exists and there is nothing besides Him. Some people imagine G-d to be something like a cosmic sculptor chiseling away at a chunk of primal stuff until it assumes…
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What Do We Know About Creation? – – Part III

creation 3

Before we move on to the more distant origins of the universe, let’s look again at words and thought. Words are necessary only when communicating with something outside of yourself. Words are revealed. Thought is for yourself, remaining inside and concealed. G-d’s words are revealed to us. What they create we can see. We see…
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What Do We Know About Creation? – – Part II


Of the three garments of the soul – thought, speech and action – only thought is continuous. There is “a time to speak and a time to refrain from speaking” but never a time to not think. Thought is constant. This is because thought is closer to the soul and the soul never stops. What…
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